Diabolo Tricks
(Explanations and References)
written for righties

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All animations are of the performer's view.

CW & CC Suns

Clockwise (CW) & Counterclockwise (CC) Suns
Diabolo at 10 O'Clock

Clockwise Sun
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1) Swing diabolo to the left keeping stick ends close together.
2) Allow diabolo to swing up, to th right and back down to its beginning.
3) Notice string has a twist above axle. Your sticks should be in the normal position.
4) Power pulls with the right will add speed to the diabolo. (Using power pulls in the Clockwise Sun position seems to work better than when the sting is open because the sting twist seems to keep the diabolo more stable.)
5) Maybe the easiest way out of the Clockwise Sun is the Counterclockwise Sun, which is just the reverse direction. Remember to keep your stick ends in the center of the circle as before.
6) Notice after finishing the Counterclockwise Sun that the string is back to open.

Other ways to return from the Clockwise Sun are shown on the Beginning Suns page. Also check out the Suns page.

Right Trapeze
Left Trapeze
(Also called a Stopover, an End-over, or Around-The-World with a Stopover.)
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See also Basic Trapeze From-Above animation

1) Get the diabolo spinning and from normal position swing the diabolo to the left a bit, keeping your sticks in the normal position.

2) As the diabolo stops its left swing and begins to swing back right, give it more swing to the right, still holding your sticks the same way.

3) Your CC swing should be enough for the diabolo to go to the right, up and over the right stick. As it is swinging move your right stick straight ahead a little so the string begins to wrap around it as the diabolo swings around it.

4) After the diabolo begins to drop down between your sticks it needs to land on the string now between your sticks. The hardest part of this trick is getting the diabolo to land on the string. If your swing is even and your right stick is straight out, the diabolo should land there naturally. If something's a bit crooked you may need to catch the diabolo on the string by slightly moving your handsticks.

5) The diabolo can sit there and spin, continue to keep the sticks in normal position.

6) To return, pull the right stick out to the right forcing the diabolo to swing CW until it returns to the starting position.

Note: If you continue to have trouble getting the diabolo to land on the string try this; start with the left stick held much higher, bring the right stick to the left until it touches the left string above the diabolo, pushing against the string 'draw with the right stick' a quick counterclockwise half circle around the diabolo, bringing your arms and sticks back to normal should make the diabolo do a trapeze. Generally if you keep missing the string, check your Right stick angle. Your Right stick needs to be parellel to the axle of the diabolo.

Also note: If you keep miss landing the diabolo on the string toward you, see the Redone Trapeze .

Next try the Left Trapeze and other Trapeze Tricks on the Beginning Trapezes page. Also see the Trapezes page.

(Open Orbits)
(Diabolo moves in a circle, half of the time on the string.)
see Flash Movie Controls

1) Move the diabolo on the string from right to left.
2) Toss the diabolo as it nears the left stick. The toss needs to be aimed toward the right.
3) Catch the diabolo near the right stick, allowing it to move leftward on the string to begin the next Orbit.
Note: Other types of Orbits can circle around arms, legs, feet, sticks.

More Orbit Tricks

Under The Leg Orbits
(Diabolo moves in a circle, half of the time on the string while under the leg, and half jumping over the leg.) Animation shows Open Open Orbits to Uner-The-Leg Orbits.
(The animation's 'Leg' slice is where the string touches your leg.)
see Flash Movie Controls

1) Begin with some Open Orbits, gaining speed. 

2) Allow an Open Orbit to follow the string low enough so you can step a leg into the orbits center.  The right leg may be the easiest to step in with. Continue as you would with open orbit movements, but now with your leg in the center.

3) Use left stick to guide diabolo left, up, and around clock-wise so it will 'hop' over your leg to the right.  The action of the orbits is similar to Open Orbits except that the string touches the leg above the knee forcing a tighter orbit.

4) Try to catch the diabolo on the right stick close to the stick's end. As with all orbit stricks, the more the diabolo is on the string the more speed it gains.

5) To remove your leg and return to Open Orbits; wait until the diabolo has just passed under your leg and bring your leg back from above the string. The best time to do this is when the string is low which is as the diabolo is on the string to the left.
-variation- Toss the diabolo higher from left to right, giving you time to retrieve your leg.

6) Continue with Open Orbits.

More Under The Leg Tricks

Overarm Orbits
(Diabolo moves in a circle, half of the time on the string while under the arm, and half jumping over the arm.)
Animation shows Open Orbits to Overarm Orbits
(The animation's 'Arm' slice is where the string touches your arm.)
see Flash Movie Controls

1) Begin with some Open Orbits, gaining speed. 

2) After the diabolo lands on the string and moves to the left; place the bottom of your right elbow on top of the right angling string. As you move your elbow in turn and face left.

3) Your forearm is 45 deg angle to rest of arm with stick horizontal and pointing far right.

4) If you feel uncomfortable step forward a bit with your right foot when elbow goes in.

5) Use left stick to guide diabolo left, up, and around clock-wise as with the Open Orbits. 

6) Diabolo jumps over arm and you catch it with that steady right stick. If the diabolo is in a verticle circle plane it usually is pretty easy to catch, move your whole arm and stick if you need to adjust. {as you are catching your right stick will point downward and behind you.}

7) After diabolo lands on string to right, allow it to continue to follow clockwise.

More Over-The-Arm Orbit Tricks and Over-The-Arm Extras
(Left Backside)
returning with a crossarmed toss
(Right Backside)
returning with a crossarmed toss
(Going to the Backside of the string)
see Flash Movie Controls

Righthanders may want to start with the Right Backside; see notes.)

Left Backside instructions
1) Toss the diabolo off to the left a bit.
2) Reach out with the left stick and lay the string on the axle of the diabolo.
3) As the diabolo begins to fall 'draw' a half circle around the diabolo with the left stick end. This action should catch the diabolo.
4) After catching the diabolo continue to move your left stick right so you arms become crossed with your right over your left.
Note: If you bring your arms and sticks back to normal the string should show a half twist above the diabolo. Also, if you pull with the right stick for more speed the diabolo will slow.
5) To get back to normal from crossed arms, toss the diabolo, by pulling out with the sticks.
6) While the diabolo is in the air, uncross your arms and tighten string for the catch. The diabolo should be open again on the string.

Two tricks from the Left Backside are the Cat's Cradle and the Coffee Grinder.

Notes:   The Right Backside is the same trick on the right side.  Righties usually find the Right Backside easier than the Left.  If you need to get to the Left Backside, but it is easier for you to do the Right; do a Right Backside and then a Counter Clockwise Sun.  This actions puts the diabolo in the Left Backside position.  

Some tricks from the Right Backside are the Fritz Releases.

See the Backside Page.

(Righthand Grind)
see Flash Movie Controls

1) Slightly toss the diabolo up in the center.
2) Point your right stick to the left and keep it horizontal.
3) After the diabolo reaches its highest point and starts to fall, catch it with the level right stick.
4) Diabolo should land on the stick and spin in place, if the stick is still level the diabolo will move to the left.
5) To keep the diabolo on the stick, tilt the right stick end up until the diabolo quits moving.
6) An easy way to return to normal is to point right stick end down so diabolo slides down to the sting. Another way is to toss the diabolo by pointing down then quickly swinging right sick upward. Make sure to quickly tighten string to catch the falling diabolo.

More Grinds.
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